YMCA-Smile, Novosibirsk was established in 1993 and it was the first YMCA in Siberia, Russia. We assisted and were proud when in 2001, the second Siberian YMCA Pilgrim was set up in the city of Barnaul; and in 2019, the YMCA PRIME was set up in the same city.

Today, the Urals and eastward, there are 4 YMCAs that assist young people to shape their minds, bodies and spirit and help them to become their better selves!

As a social enterprise — OUR MISSION is to provide:

inspiration, education, and opportunities through arts and sport for total health in soul, mind, body.


We provide life-changing opportunities for the Novosibirsk youth and not only.

YMCA-Smile is a local non-government organization and it is a part of the YMCA Russia alliance.

YMCA Russia is represented in 10 cities of our country (from the North to Central Russia, from Kaliningrad to Siberia). There are many different unique projects: these are camps for children and teenagers, sports events, leadership projects, ecological initiatives. Everywhere and always we emphasize the main values of the YMCA: the harmonious development of soul, mind, and body.

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