YMCA-Cup Junior basketball tournament history

In 1999 our YMCA had opened junior basketball program for children ages 10 -12. We did a major survey and it was very clear to us then that all major sports (including basketball) a teen could enter only at the age of 13.

In 2002 our Board of directors had decided that it would be a very beneficial contribution to the community and organize the tournament for the age group 10 – 12 years old.. Thus the coaches that were working with ages 12 and up would be motivated to start and work with younger group and allow kids get acquainted with the game at the age of 9 and 10.

Today this is the only tournament of a kind in our region of Siberia that allow boys and girls to play, compete, get recognized and receive prizes in front of many people on stage during one of the best national holidays- on June 1st – The Children’s day! We had decided that we would do our best and always do the award presentation on this day – on stage in public and have young performers to sing and dance in honor of the tournament players.

Junior Basketball Tournament «YMCA CUP»

2003: To mark 10th anniversary of YMCA Novosibirsk first tournament was organized. Mixed teams were allowed (boys/girls). 2 age groups: 1991 and 1993 year of birth (YOB).

11 teams took part.120 participants *Kirdyachkin

2004: 13 teams (mixed teams were again allowed) 1992- 1994 YOB. 140 participants *Pyatnitskiy Victor and Maksimova Nastya

2005: 14 teams (boys) 1993 and 1995 YOB 150 participants

2005: 14 teams (boys) 1993 and 1995 YOB 150 participants

2007: A new traditions was introduced. The girls’ teams were invited to take part: 7 teams (4 boys and 3 girls) 80 participants -1997 YOB

2008: 8 teams (4 boys and 4 girls). First time 2 teams from the Novosibirsk region took part. 90 participants 1998 YOB

2009: 8 teams (4 boys and 4 girls) 94 participants 1999 YOB

2010: 8 teams (4 boys and 4 girls) 96 participants 2000 YOB

2011:8 teams (4 boys and 4 girls) 120 participants 2001 YOB

In year 2007 we were invited to sponsor the youngest group (age 13) in the Novosibirsk School Basketball League. 120 teams participated in the season 2010/2011.The teams play around the city and region every Sunday during the school year. Prior to that year i.e. 2007- the teams that were able to join were of the age 14 and up. Such league is a non-government organization and so is the event. We also would like to add that School Basketball League is very popular in many regions of Russia. Each year more and more teams are joining this league and it is very beneficial for the YMCA Smile to be part of this event.

It is a logical step due to the fact that we organize the tournament for boys and girls under the age of 12. So the players have an opportunity to master their skills and play more during the season. In 2011 our efforts were rewarded and the municipal government allowed us to play 3 days of the tournament at one of the best city basketball courts (paying the municipal rent versus commercial rate). This is a very important fact that young boys and girls can play in a very nice sport arena and parents, relatives and the friends could at comfort come and supports their kids during the tournament. In 2011 the Basketball School League reached a record in our age group (13 years old) that we sponsor:

18 teams: 12 boys and 6 girls’ teams!!!!!

We are happy indeed that we able to run this popular tournament annually!

In 2017, our XV- th tournament was a hit! 18 teams took part. 2 distinguished guests (YMCA Texas) participated and ran master classes for the youngsters; it was a blast!

We were very sad and had to cancel the event in 2020 (Due to the COVID lockdown)

We are looking forward to resume the tradition in 2021!

Long Live Basketball!

*This tournament allowed gifted and talented kids to grow, believe in themselves, raise their self-esteem, be healthy and most of all what we are proud of: is that for some of the players excel so well and are able to play in Premier League (Victor Pyatnitskiy played in our tournament in 2004 and now plays for Novosibirsk team «Lokomotiv» in Premier League) and some are even accepted into the youth national team (Nastya Maksimova had been a star in 2003 and 2004; during the first and second tournaments. She chose a professional path and played in the youth national team — the World Cup in Chile, 2011).

Imagine a global celebration with 5 million people…

The aim of the YMCA World Challenge is to tell the YMCA story by mobilizing 5 million people on the same day.

A day to show to our communities and the world how the YMCA is empowering young people and transforming communities, using culture, sports, education, exchange programs, spiritual development and many other tools and activities.

This is also a day for us to get to know more about ourselves as a global organization and our collective potential to do things together, connecting the whole world and have fun while doing it!

Andrew Kirdyachkin and Anastasia Maksimova took part in the first ever YMCA-Cup Novosibirsk Junior Basketball Tournament in 2003!

Anastasia Maksimova, defense

Performed for the teams: Saint -Petersburgh, Kazan,Orenburg, students unified team Russia ( 2012/2013). Currently playing for the Rostov-Don Premier League Russia (since 2015)

Andrew Kirdyachkin, power-forward

Super League experience: sliver medalist 2009/2010; bronze medalist 2008/2009, 2011/2012, 2016/2017, 2020/2021

The Russian Basketball Cup is the primary men professional national domestic basketball cup competition of Russia

Winner 2020/2021; Runner Up 2019/2020; Bronze 2017/2018, 2018/2019

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